#1 15-05-2012 
Something I always wanted to do was to run a challenge where we all ended up building the same house but decorating it as we wished (a bit like we did with Xander's house). I was thinking of building one room at a time, ending up with a house.

We start off with an empty lot and we buld rooms and decorate until finished. Pics of the rooms at each stage.

I could make a floor plan grid for each room and then we can add to it piece by piece.

Is it an idea? It might be fun....

#2 15-05-2012 
Always up for a challenge, as long as I don't have to make or recolour the furniture! And the garden too! I like landscaping Big Grin
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#3 15-05-2012 
Could be fun, would be interesting.

#4 15-05-2012 
It's an idea alright... but it's not my cup of tea, so I'll pass and just watch you guys knock yourself out Smile

#5 15-05-2012 
That sounds fun, Lee!

#6 15-05-2012 
I love these - I've run two of them previously at Spg. What we did was actually just describe the room and how it connected up, and then let everyone interpret how it went themselves. I don't think we got a single house that looked the same! I'd just adore to do one of these without having to run it! I'm in!

SpG List of Challenges If you look for Constructo Challenges...

#7 16-05-2012 
Im totally in Big Grin I would love that idea. As long as I can grunge it up Tongue

#8 16-05-2012 
Yea, sounds fun. I'm in- as long as you realize that I'm flaky and forgetful and may need to be reminded I'm supposed to be doing something!

#9 16-05-2012 
I'm no builder, so I won't participate - but I'd be happy to sit on the sidelines and cheer everybody on with encouraging noises. Smile Even if I don't build myself, I love to see what others come up with!

#10 16-05-2012 
Well, even non-builders can play - the idea is to decorate the house Big Grin

* leefish loves to decorate
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