Parsing Error in Plugin
#1 16-05-2012 
Hey Lee.
Just wanted to stop by an ask another php (or something) question.
I just installed a plugin that generates a list of the threads in the forum, but for some reason, it's getting the name wrong. I have admin and VIP names set to have a sparkling background image. But for some reason, it stops parsing the code in the name after url(. When you have time could you take a look?

Here's an example:

The plugin:
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#2 16-05-2012 
hmm, I have no idea, but it looks like the plugin is attempting to make string replace and is not enabled to parse images.

You could look inside the plugin and see if it is parsing images (usually a 1 or 0 switch)
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#3 16-05-2012 
Will try later, it's kinda 3am right now over here Tongue My brain isn't exactly at it's best.

#4 16-05-2012 
And I downloaded it and had a look. In the plugin (round about line 111) there is a parse for html...???

anyway, you could try changing it to the below (not tested):


Of course, you can choose which extra you want. I don't know if that sparkly username is a mycode, or a smilie or an image.....
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#5 16-05-2012 
Extra PS >. That page is giving 299 errors and 64 warnings on the html validator... I think it's a record Big Grin
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#6 16-05-2012 
I actually have no idea how to fix my html Tongue
The fix provided did not help Sad
My names are html with style in it. So I really have no idea why it would just stop parsing. Is there a way to just make it have a normal link look instead of whats in the config?

#7 16-05-2012 
The plugin is very scruffily coded with almost no comments. I can look to see where he is making it a formatted username, but the problem is the sparkly username.
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#8 16-05-2012 
I managed to fix it by changing around line 103. Big Grin It's fine now.

PS, now it's 24 errors 9 warnings Tongue

#9 16-05-2012 
Let me guess: line 103 contained a definition for a variable or a function by one name, and the rest of the page consistently tried to access it by a completely different name! Big Grin
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#10 16-05-2012 
I don't think so BO - it was more of a parsing/conflict issue - Yin has sparkly user names on her board, and the plugin was not taking that into account.

Which is quite reasonable, as the sparkliness is not a core feature.

* conflict is not quite the right word, but yea.
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