• Kim Harrison
  • Genre: Fiction Fantasy
  • Rating: 8/10
  • Review Type: Book Review
This is a fantasy series that I read and thoroughly enjoyed. It features pixies, werewolves, vampires, witches and humans all living together. Although I usually do not like this genre, I could not wait to read the next book.

One of the characters named Jinx is a riot. He will absolutely crack you up. The main character is a witch named Rachel Morgan. If you even remotely enjoy Fantasy/Sci-Fi these books are an enjoyable read. The book jacket I posted is for the first book in the series "Dead Witch Walking"

#2 16-05-2012
Looks interesting. Smile The character Rachel Morgan sounds familiar, as does the title. I'm wondering if any of her books are available as ePub at B&N or Smashwords.. I think I may have one or two of them. If I do, I haven't read them yet.

* mustluvcatz finds another reason to charge her Nook

#3 16-05-2012
I loved this series in the beginning but stopped reading it a few years ago. I'll have to pick up the latest book to see if it can catch my interest again.


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