I've been focusing my time lately on playing The Sims 2 instead of creating as much, and I'm having so much fun. Short back-story, this family I have now, the husband and wife were high school sweethearts I had in Desiderata Valley (the dream date bouquet was given to the husband when he had a dream date with the wife). They had twins, and as I always do immediately aged them up to teen. I play the grandparents as well sometimes too. The grandmother got to level 10 of my superstar career, and the grandfather got to level 10 of my personal trainer career. Both of them are retired now. I even had the grandchildren send them some retirement cards with Mog's greeting card system. Anyway, just thought I'd share a pic with you all of my sims eating my custom apple pie. I really like the way that particular upload turned out.

Having Dessert Screenshot          
#2 17-05-2012
That's a lovely picture, and I'm glad you're having fun with that family.

#3 17-05-2012
Nice picture Jon. I like that greeting card system and the pie looks tasty Big Grin

#4 17-05-2012
Awesome picture! I also like using the date flowers as center pieces lol


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