Happy Birthday Kiri
#11 21-05-2012 
Glad you had such a great day.

So, what was on performance list?

*Karen is thinking of taking up a brass instrument again (can play the bugle, but it has no valves!), but which one? Has to be a band instrument.
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#12 21-05-2012 
Karen, it was for church, and I normally play guitar. But our pianist skipped at the last minute.

So the performance list, was all the songs we sang:

1. Let the Nations Be Glad
2. Holy Is The Lord (Chris Tomlin)
3. Lamentations 3: 22 - 23 (Colin Buchanan)
4. Amazing Love (Chris Tomlin)
5. Mighty To Save (Hillsong)

I played the piano like I play a guitar - with the bass notes in the lower hand, and the chords in the upper hand, and I let the singers deal with the melody. I did OK, considering that I didn't have a piano to practice - so it was very much just sight-reading. I was very nervous. But thankful that there was a bass guitarist, drums, and 3 singers to cover over all my mistakes!

#13 21-05-2012 
Wow, lovely songs, we sing some of those at church too (Newport Pagnell Baptist Church). We sing new and old songs. It's quite a skill to play from the chords like that. That's how my singing teacher plays. I know I'd have to read the music but I can't coordinate 2 hands at once. Used to be able to play the guitar when I was a youngster, but not now.
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#14 21-05-2012 
Yeah, sometimes life deals us a lemon. A biggun'! For some it's age, for others it's an illness or an accident. I'm practically an idiot when it comes to music. I love to hear certain genres, but don't expect me to ever play something that sounds like music... A pig squealing in its last death throws sounds better.

#15 21-05-2012 
What genres do you like BO? I'm a fan of almost everything. I just love music in most all of its forms.

#16 21-05-2012 
I'm rather fond of 70s/80s pop, some rock of the same era, new age, and some Celtic. On occasion, I will also enjoy mostly percussion and some reggae, and even some traditional-style Chinese music. I've even been known to play some classical albums, such as Beethoven's symphonies. The rest is all wasted on me.

#17 22-05-2012 
What names in the celtic? I'm very fond of those genres too! Kate Bush from the 70's, Alan Parson's Project, etc.

Celtic: Clannad, Steeleye Span, Great Big Sea

I'm very fond of Classical - but stray more to the Late 1800's Early 1900's romantics - Debussy, Vaughan Williams, etc.

#18 22-05-2012 
Well, my Celtic collection is by far not what I'd want it to be... Clannad, Enya, and one of the Celtic Woman albums. There's definitely room for more, but I need to find the suitable ones first. My interest in Celtic is rather new.

My 70s/80s collection includes names like ABBA, Fleetwood Mac, Police, Queen, Micheal and Janet Jackson, Orchestral Maneuvres in the Dark, Alan Parsons Project & Pink Floyd, to name but a few.

I've also collected some Klaus Schulze, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, and others like those.

A somewhat odd one in my collection is ERA. Don't quite know where to put that.

#19 22-05-2012 
Clannad and Enya are lovely. You'd also like Loreena McKenitt I think, if you haven't heard of her? Great Big Sea is a celtic band from Canada - but they're more drinking songs, than the Clannad, etc.

I never really got into the Jacksons - but I'm board with the others - Police, Sting, Queen, OMD, Alan parsons, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac are great!

I've never heard any Klaus Schulze - but the other electronica that you've mentioned I know. Love Tangerine Dream - have one of their albums, the one with Tyger, Tyger on it
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#20 22-05-2012 
Ooh my era of music too! Absolutely love Queen! And I was a Donny Osmond fan.
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