My proposed PC Specifications...
#1 21-05-2012 
Have a look and see what you think - if there's something I should change.

Graphics: Gigabyte Radeon 7850 2G
CPU: Core: i7-2600K (1155 pin)
Motherboard: GA Z77MX-D3H
Ram: 4x4G DDR3 2x8G and for cheaper!
Drive for Programs: SANDISK SSD G25 240G 120G
Data Hard Drives: 2xSEAGATE SATA3 2 Tb
Windows 7 Home Professional (allows greater than 16G RAM)
Power: Corsair TX750W
Case: Corsair Graphite CC 600TM Black

I'm getting it from here: MSY

Total price is less than what I paid for my machine back in 2006/7!!
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#2 21-05-2012 
I have waaayyyy less than that (just 60GB SSD, and only ONE HDD), and it tears up roads! So you should at least be able to blast holes in the moon with that, Kiri!

#3 22-05-2012 
wow. TS2 will look so stunning you will not believe it. The water.....
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#4 22-05-2012 
It sounds awesome but just a word of caution. I bought a Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 7850 2GB graphics card and the Sims 2 doesn't recognize it. It might be worth asking around to see if anyone has the card you want to see if they can play the Sims 2 with it.

#5 22-05-2012 
Maybe 2 1GB cards would be a better option. My machine is equipped that way, and it KILLS!

One drawback to that: you'd require more juice from the PSU. 850W wouldn't be overkill.

#6 22-05-2012 
Hmmm - thanks for that Honeywell. I will check and see what I can find out.

BO - yeah - it would require more PSU, and more fans too.

#7 22-05-2012 
Well... it's ordered. I find out next Monday afternoon whether it can run Sims 2 or not. :scared:

#8 22-05-2012 
That will be one smokin hot machine. Congrats. I am excited for you.

#9 22-05-2012 
celebkiriedhel;13129 Wrote:Well... it's ordered. I find out next Monday afternoon whether it can run Sims 2 or not. :scared:

I remember when I got my new PC - Win7, pretty good specs. I was super excited and ready to install Sims2. As I am an old timer my Sims2 discs are the 4cd set. They installed ok into the x86 Program Files, but then - I could not install NightLife or Uni. The PC refused to read the upgrade disk, so it could not install.

I did in fact burst into tears. Here I was, ready to see TS2 in all it's glory - and the damn PC would not let me install it.

I got round it by installing EP's out of sequence - Base then AL then back to NL etc. All's well that ends well, but yea, was a very sad moment at the time.

Re the graphics card - I know that in TS3 you can edit one of the game files to add a graphics card - maybe it is also possible in TS2.
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#10 23-05-2012 
I'm hoping so!

Actually - I have a friend who has just restarted playing sims2 and in the meantime her machine is Windows 7. We went through a lot of those trials together, but she didn't have AL. I've got them all, so I'm going to do what you did!

That's interesting about TS3 and graphics card - I will do a bit of a search on that, because I can't see that it should be TOO different in TS2.


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