Stop feeding the baby so much?
#1 22-05-2012 
I'd like a mod that changes when Sims try to feed a baby autonomously, so it only happens at arround -20.

I do not really want breast feeding.
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#2 22-05-2012 
I might see if I can fix that... But wouldn't there already be something like that somewhere? If not, then that surprises me greatly.

#3 22-05-2012 
I have not found one yet, that works for me. The few I have tried were not updated to M&G, I guess.

#4 23-05-2012 
I've sent you a link on your guestbook... let me know how it works out, because it's a bit hard for me to test right now without resetting my hoods (which I wouldn't want, really).

#5 23-05-2012 
So far, so good. No one is rushing to feed the baby when it is not hungry.

#6 23-05-2012 
I ran it with no other CC, and my standard complement of CC, and have had no issues, thank you for doing this so quickly.

#7 23-05-2012 
So you're saying this is a great success and I can publish it to the public at large?

#8 23-05-2012 
YES, which I see you already did.

#9 23-05-2012 
Yeah, I couldn't see anything going wrong with this, especially after your post saying that it played well, so I thought: let's be quick about it Smile


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