• The Sims 2 - Official Trailer
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I was thinking about this trailer the other day for some reason and now that I watched it I feel as though this is closer (close-r) to being TS3 instead of TS2.

I sure was hooked the very first time I watched it though, oh so many years ago.

#2 25-05-2012
I loved this video - definitely proves that EA and Maxis are not above gilding the lily to get sales though. Some of that NEVER made it's way into the final game. It's a shame, pyromaniac toddlers FTW.

#3 25-05-2012
Pyromaniac toddlers for the win definitely! Also What was with the women ripping open their bodices all the time?

#4 25-05-2012
Can the kids really swing on the fans, gonna have to have a go and see now!

#5 26-05-2012
What the heck! None of that stuff is actually in the game! At least not in those incarnations. The graphics look different too. Guess it was just an animated prototype sort of thing? I'd never seen this trailer before, so it was cool to watch. Smile

#6 26-05-2012
Bodices Big Grin

* leefish hugs kiri


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