Can you assign uniforms for a shop?
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ok.... another way of thinking about it... Inge has doors that force sims to change into set clothing - formal, etc. And the teleporter bush has the ability to recognise NPC's, etc. So would it be possible to have an object that combined those behaviours? So if it's an NPC, and they work there, change into career outfit. And then if we had the ability to set the career outfit, then the NPC's would change into the specific uniform when they hit the lot.

The door code gets triggered by the sim walking through it, either autonomously or directed. Is there a way of auto triggering the code on entry to the lot only?

Sorry - still having my dream of having different uniforms for different NPCs

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You want horrible voodoo magic performed, Kiri Big Grin

First of all: there's a difference between NPCs and employees. NPCs are people like the Mail-person, the paper-delivery-kid, the maid, gardener, butler etc. People you hire for your business, are usually NOT NPCs.

Secondly, recognizing NPCs isn't the hardest thing, really. I can almost do that with my eyes closed, without needing to look at the teleport cat. But, in light of the above, I think that recognizing employees would be more usueful. And fortunately, that's not too hard either.

Still, the problem remains with setting the uniforms. Inge's system merely causes sims to change to another outfit CATEGORY, not a specific outfit. You would thus till not have control over what outfit each employee uses for that category.

As I said... horrible voodoo magic.

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Here is my solution.

1. Get the mod that makes all sims selectable (I'll link it later)
2. Get the coat rack that lets you get clothing for free, and plan, change clothing.
3. Take control of a sim, buy them the uniform, have them change into it.

Sure it's more work, but it will do the trick.

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Thanks, Becca.

1. is Inge's Teleport Cat, already mentioned.
2. is MaryLou/Numenor's hacked clothing hook, or maybe even Pescado's clothing tool.
3. Is a workaround.

This is how I imagine people already do it, if there's no other way. The purpose of this thread was, I think, to make all this work unnecessary Big Grin

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That would be nice, if it can be done.

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My two cents:

I have a mod (I don't know where I got it, I honestly can't remember at the moment) that adds an option to any mirror on the lot (Change appearance of...) even if you haven't greeted them (I think.) It acts exactly like the clothing tool object, you get to select every outfit for the specific sim to wear and then you can choose their appearance (hair/makeup.) So far for my employees I assign their outfits normally, then change their appearance with the mirror but I hit cancel through each outfit and just fix their faces.

I really should visit my clothing store to see if the effect sticks or if it was pointless to post that whole paragraph. Big Grin
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Hmmm.... I think I'm going to think about this some more (when I get my new PC, and can do some proper research rather than just theorising on what I can remember).

Thanks for your input BO - I get what you're saying, I just don't want to let go of this idea for a bit. Maybe if I do get it going, I should call it Horrible Voodoo! Big Grin

Thanks Becca, I'm looking to be able to partly or fully automate the whole process if I can.

Xander that would be really useful if it did.

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Update: Well as far as my testing goes the mod does in fact fix this Uniform problem.

Pic 1: Yesterday I took a picture of "Griff" the cashier at my Electronics store before I changed his appearance.
Pic 2: Today after first removing some unneeded mods and totally reorganizing the Electronics store, I called all the employees in and to my surprise they all kept their customized appearances.
Pic 3: Today along with the store redesign I decided to update their uniforms as well and the appearance stuck.

The mod is called: "change-appearance-anyone1b" and it is by a modder by the name of Dizzy. I still don't remember where I got it.


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XanderGC;13408 Wrote:The mod is called: "change-appearance-anyone1b" and it is by a modder by the name of Dizzy. I still don't remember where I got it.

I believe it was once on The Laden Swallow, but that site is closed down.

I have not been able to find Dizzy's mods anwhere.
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