Can you assign uniforms for a shop?
#21 26-05-2012 
Dizzy's mods for TS2 are at TFM's Naughty Sims Asylum. You NEED to be an inmate to be able to get to them, though.

#22 26-05-2012 
Is this another adult site? Like the back alley sims?
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#23 26-05-2012 
No, it is not, although it *does* have adult sections. But to get those, you need to PM TwoFtMama with your DOB.

In fact, The Asylum replaces the now defunct CrazyTown. But whereas CT was run by TheISZ, TFM pulls the reigns in the Asylum.

#24 26-05-2012 
hehe - looks like I am a member. I join so many forums for the downloads sometimes its a stretch to work out what ones I haven't!

#25 29-05-2012 
Hmm, I don't recognize that site at all and I don't think I have an account there either. Then again where else could I have gotten the mod from unless it is one of those mods I've had for a while and completely forgot about.

*quickly runs to go and check "date created" status on file*

Hmm, April 8th of this year.
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#26 29-05-2012 
Shane, it's perfectly good possible that you got that elsewhere, because before 5 months ago, the Asylum didn't exist, but these mods have been around for a while. I know of at least three places where those mods have been available, but which are now all gone.

#27 30-05-2012 
I just hope this mod could be the solution (or at least a very good workaround) to the uniform bug that broke my heart when it appeared and was never fixed.

*shakes fist angrily at EAxis*
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#28 30-05-2012 
So... is there a place we can get this "change-appearance-anyone1b" mod? I tried the Asylum but could not find it there... only found one "dizzy's mods" zip file, but it did not contain the mod in question.

ETA: Whoops. Turns out I hadn't looked deep enough. The mod is inside the "" file within the main zip file. You can get it here without having to register for the Asylum. Thanks to The ISZ for posting it. And Xander for recommending it. Big Grin


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