What's wrong with my conditional for xThreads?
#1 25-05-2012 
Well I basically need to add an image next to "Confirmed", "Denied", "Implemented" on Suggestion forum with xThreads. This is what I wrote, but I keep getting "Bad conditional syntax detected for Blank Replacement Value. "

<if  {$GLOBALS['threadfields']['xtsug_status']} >= Implementado then>
<img src="bobbax/sugerencias/implementado.gif"> Implementado>
<if {$GLOBALS['threadfields']['xtsug_status']}  >= Confirmado then>
<img src="bobbax/sugerencias/confirmado.gif"> Confirmado>
<if {$GLOBALS['threadfields']['xtsug_status']} >= Rechazado then>
<img src="bobbax/sugerencias/rechazado.gif"> Rechazado>

Thanks in advanced!!

Edit: Are these if and then statements only work with numbers? also not sure if ">=" is correct to ask if equal.
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#2 25-05-2012 
Always format code as clearly as you can.

In code, there are different sorts of equal. There is the same "==" and there is identical "===". What you have (>=) is greater than or equals to.

You also need to be sure that you have the html well formatted. Right now that img tag just will not work.

<if ($GLOBALS['threadfields']['xtsug_status'])== Implementado then>
<img src="bobbax/sugerencias/implementado.gif" alt="Implementado" />

Try and get it working with just one.

Where exactly are you inputting this value?
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#3 25-05-2012 
The code was accepted but not change applied. "Suggestion forum - Xthread tutorial" : Custom Thread Fields > Status > Blank Replacement Value. Just some eye candy thingy that I want it to work. Thanks for reply fish.

Also I need the image be followed by the same text, the idea is replace the text with an image following by the same text(I tried adding an image next to the values list, but again nothing changed)

#4 26-05-2012 
So where are you with this zero?
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#5 26-05-2012 
Fixed by fish. Case closed.

* We put the if statement straight in the template.
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