Make the thread name on the nav have (...) after a number of characters
#1 27-05-2012 
Hi, was wondering how to do this? Just like in the index on the las post. The search box is getting out of place when the thread title is too long.
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#2 27-05-2012 
Yea, I used php in templates and xThreads for that little trick. You can see it on the downloads forum display as well.

You can ALSO use javascript for it, but as you have the plugin installed you might as well use it. I will post the code in a minute or two.

Code to go in your nav_bit_active template.

<?php  if(my_strlen($navbit['name']) > 34)
            $navbit['name'] = my_substr($navbit['name'], 0, 31) . "...";
<span class="active">{$navbit['name']}</span>
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#3 28-05-2012 
Thanks lots gonna try it and update the post!


Sorry, that is a members only option