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  • Creator: XanderGC
Sooooo, today I was going through SimPE looking for things I want to modify and I came across a few things I didn't even notice were in the game. Maybe some of these things aren't used in the game anymore but the game files show that they were there at some point.

Pic 2: Apparently there was a "Sims" sitcom that was to be used on the TV. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't ever remember seeing it in game.

Also, what is with the baby? Baby's do not wear a blanket ever in the game.

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#2 01-06-2012
That looks to me like a baby-object. The face seems very different to the standard faces (and more like a sims1 object) I'd be interested to see the mesh that is connected to that.

All the programs on TV are 'simmish' those are not - I wonder if that's for an object that that never went up?

#3 01-06-2012
The game never ceases to amaze me with it's secrets. The TV shows from real tv shows was quite surprising to me but I can definitely understand why they were not used. I've only ever seen the silver seasoning shaker used in the game, but apparently there was a seperate one for salt and pepper. A moon? Why is there a moon texture when there aren't even stars in the sky?

That baby, maybe it was going to be a doll or maybe it was actually going to be used for the game. We may never know. I can't wait to dig through the other game's files lol.

#4 01-06-2012
Makes you wonder how much garbage is taking up space in our computers. I can't wait to see what else you come up with. I know there's some Sims 3 images somewhere and texture images for stuff not in the game.

What are the two small wood textures down the bottom of the pic?


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