Erik Renssen: Creator of “Visions in Paint”
#1 29-06-2010 
I was wandering the web (again) and found this great artists site. His paintings are awesome and the site is great to browse - nice set up with the changing images....

ErikRenssen's site Wrote:“You know how sometimes you listen to the radio and a song gets stuck in your head ? I have the same thing often, but with images. And I can only free them from my mind by bringing them to life on canvas.“ Erik Renssen is a figurative painter with an eye for composition and texture. His portfolio is characterised by its enormous range not only of subject matter but also in his use of colour.

Link to site HERE
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#2 29-06-2010 
I agree. Awesome indeed.
Just keep swimming...


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