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As requested by Rebalynn1960, a short dahlen bookcase with the books in it. 3 deco slots on top.

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Edited 2018, made the animation strings fit the bookcase (no reaching to the sky to get a book from a shelf that doesnt exist) and added a freetime and up version.
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#5 01-06-2012
I DID consider calling it "Little Dahlen" Big Grin


#6 01-06-2012
Thank you, now the set is complete.

#7 02-06-2012
Thanks Lee, I prefer short bookcases so this will be well used. Don't know if it's because tall bookcases block the view or because I'm short in RL. Smile Thanks for suggesting it Becca.

#8 02-06-2012
Not sure why I didn't think of it before, but would be nice to have the small corner one with books in it already, as well.


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