I'm not sure if I like these floors or if I hate them. On the one hand I really like simple, basic floors, but could these be too simple? Also I cheated and reused an existing texture in the game, but this time for floors.

Yay or nay?

Pic 2: As a bonus and completely unrelated, here is a picture of "Peanut" chewing on the chew toy outside.

WIP - Loft Floors Screenshot WIP - Loft Floors Screenshot          
#2 02-06-2012
Yay! Personally I like plain wood floors and these look good to me.

#3 02-06-2012
Peanut is a cutey!

Oh and as an afterthought - yeah the floors are good. I prefer them to the gross grain EA floors. I think the bamboo wood floor they do is practically the only one I use of theirs.

#4 02-06-2012
I like the colours you've chosen. Are these gonna be continuous like carpet is, if so just wondering how you would lay a very large piece of wood in a room if it doesn't come in planks (does that make sense?)?

Oh and love Peanut, looks very cute and 'real' Smile


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