Update Monique's Vamp Sleep Caller to include custom coffin
#21 13-06-2012 
It was nothing, really. Smile

#22 14-06-2012 
Just a quick update for the interested: Honeywell has fixed the lid!! OMG.

This means that in theory, once fansee has rebuilt the 15 odd recolours, that this item is ready for upload (assuming fansee wants to). It would be cool to have the 7am/7pm sleep thing in with it, assuming BO is happy to share that.

I think it is the ONLY custom coffin with a different shape to the original - and after seeing what it took to fix the lid I see why.
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#23 14-06-2012 
leefish;14248 Wrote:It would be cool to have the 7am/7pm sleep thing in with it, assuming BO is happy to share that.

I'm cool with sharing. Every download is one. I just didn't see the need for this mod to be online while there's no downloadable coffin yet to use it with. But once you guys put up that coffin, I'll gladly publish the update with a link to the coffin. Tongue

#24 31-07-2012 
So, we're preparing to post the vampire bed sometime... soon. Hopefully. Files are ready and we're in the pic taking, post composing stage. (Its turned into a fair sized set, hence the delay.)

I'm not sure exactly when the thing will be posted but would love to include a link to your mod in the upload post. I guess you need our post to exist first though. So, uh, just a heads-up that this will be happening soon. I hope you still have the mod and are willing to post it along with any pertinent links and info. Smile

#25 31-07-2012 
For a second, I was afraid that I had actually mis-placed the mod... But, fortunately, it's still around. Just give the word when the 'crib' is online, and I'll come forward with it, linked and all. Then whoever uploaded the crib, can update their post to include a link back Smile

#26 08-08-2012 
We finally have a link! And a profile page! BO, we'd like to link to your Grease Pit in the "honorary members" list on the profile page if it's okay with you? Nix and Michelle are listed the same way since they also plan to upload their parts to their own accounts.

(Lee is "honorary" because a technical glitch prevents her from being an official member and also keeping her profile page pic. If she were an official member her profile page pic would get broken.)

#27 09-08-2012 
Just linking to the BO - Vampire Sleep Caller - updated is more than enough honorary thanks for me, Fansee Tongue. Thanks.

But if you really want to link to the Pit as a whole as well, be my guest. It's much appreciated.

#28 09-08-2012 
Yay! Okay, the mod is now linked in our post, and I also put it on the group profile page along with its thumbnail. Hope that's okay! I plan to post all of the other group items like that too since they won't be uploaded to the group account. Smile

#29 09-08-2012 
looking like it is popular - quite a few downloads of it in the last 24 hours.
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#30 09-08-2012 
Yeah, the SÖMNIG set is doing great!

Quite a few hits on *my* downloads as well... Current total is 242(!), 52 of which for the Sleep Caller mod. That's finally breaking my January 29th record of 164 total downloads.


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