Coffin for Fansee (Vampire Bed)
#1 14-06-2012 
EDIT: split by leefish - this is now the coffin thread.

MLC, since you're done with this thread I'll be using it for a sec. Tongue

#2 14-06-2012 
adding version 6
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#3 14-06-2012 
Hijacking my solved thread! How dare you!! LOL

Okies- the handle shadows being on the texture are going to play havoc with mapping other meshes to the coffin. It CAN be done- but those 4 shadows are kind of in the way.

So- can the handle shadows be mapped to the groundshadow? Of course, they'd have to be their own little mesh that way..but it should work, no? (I usually do a separate mesh with it's own texture so wasn't sure if it would work this way..but it'd be such a small mesh, no need for it's own texture I'd think.)

edit: Hmmm..the coffin shadow wasn't redone? I'll be playing around with this.. Smile

#4 14-06-2012 
Yes, at the time I was dubious about those shadows.....if you can work on a shadow fix without killing the mesh that would be good Big Grin

By fix: Groundshadow to be correct, and the small shadow meshes on the handles - gonna be another 16 polys or so - I think the object can handle it. It all depends on if Fansee has the PSDs for the recolours - I think she does.
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#5 14-06-2012 
I do indeed have the PSDs. It would be simple enough to remove the handle shadows. They really make the handles pop though, so this groundshadow dealie will look just as good right?

* fanseelamb warily watches as her vampire bed is ripped to pieces and turned into cabinets....

#6 14-06-2012 
Fear not lambkin!!

The coffin will not be harmed.

coffin is prio
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#7 14-06-2012 
Have NOT touched the coffin..except to make a table. The coffin is safe from me. Smile

Don't even need to remove the shadows, I've got it covered.

#8 14-06-2012 
Those handles would make good drawer handles on a nightstand or dresser. You could even turn 'em sideways for a small armoir, if you were so inclined.

Just so you know, I have textures made to match some of the Ikea furniture, so it'll all be like part of a set. You can see them here next to a matching Ikea nightstand.

#9 14-06-2012 
Not done with this yet- but here's an idea of what I was drafted into doing.

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#10 15-06-2012 
That's not at all too awful, now is it? In fact, it looks so much NOT like a coffin, one could have it in the hallway of any normal residence without freaking guests out. Big Grin


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