Coffin for Fansee (Vampire Bed)
#11 15-06-2012 
Is that a new lamp too, MLC?

#12 15-06-2012 
No. It's Cassandre's from the Treasure Chest at BPS. There was a set there I'd been wanting for a long to get it when I got 3rd place. Smile Just thought it kind of matched the coffin and table.

Hmmm..looked at the pic again. lol @ kinda matches, it DOES match.

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It does! I didn't think you were doing lamps too but the textures were so close I thought I'd ask.

#14 15-06-2012 
Well, before I finish these up (shadows, shadow mesh)- anything that should be changed? Happy with the slots on the table? Happy with the size of the cube shelves? (I like em!) The shelves are shiftable if you have AL, can be placed without cheats and you can move them with the 1/4 tile cheat if you have M&G..cuz I'm awesome like that. Rolleyes I cloned an end table for them, but they've been re-categorized.

Fansee- you like the additions? Your coffin is still safe, promise. Big Grin

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Very cool, MLC! How neat are those shelves! And ooooh yay, the table slots!! Big Grin

For the table drawer, would it be possible to try it with one handle instead of two? Or maybe two drawers? One on top, one below, with one handle each?

You did say you still need to work on the shadows, so I assume you'll be adding a shadow under the handles... the coffin looked SO much better when I added those shadows, so cannot wait to see what it does for the table.

In fact, which part of the coffin texture are the surfaces mapped to? It looks like they might be pulling textures from the inside of the lid. Thing is, the shadows there were designed to be like... "innie" shadows on the inside of the lid, not "outie" shadows on the outside of a box... so they're a bit darker than ideal.... if you know what I mean. Which you probably don't because I'm not making much sense. I'm just wondering if maybe mapping it to another part of the texture, or even to the base, might improve the shading. There are matching wood recolours of the base too so you can map it to the base if that works better. I'll send you those base textures if you think that's worth trying. If not don't mind me, I'm still a newb when it comes to this object building stuff. You probably have a whole plan for awesome shading on the surfaces and drawer anyway, so best to ignore my incoherent rambling.

Well now... aren't you sorry you asked for opinions. Wink

#16 15-06-2012 
Nope. Tongue I asked and as long as you didn't say "that looks like crap!", I'm good.

Uh..the 2 handles was Lee's idea! She thought it looked cute!

* mustluvcatz points her finger in the fish's direction and looks innocent

Okokok, so did I. But I can do the 2 drawers/1handle each then we can all compare them and see which looks better. There is a shadow mesh for the handles, I just haven't done the texture for it yet so it's not been added in SimPE.

You're right, they're both mapped to the inside of the lid. I've moved the meshes all over that texture and that was actually the best spot imo. I never intended to leave them mapped so the shading shows like that.. although I was hoping it would work and save me having to do a shadow mesh for that part. (But it is a bit darker than it should be.) I think I will try mapping to the base, just to see.

A dresser was suggested but I'm not too sure I want to try one..however, is there anything else that could be added?

#17 15-06-2012 
See I figured you'd have it all covered! Yeah a shading mesh sounds like the best option to get some shading under the drawer and around the sides. The textures were just not made with that in mind - I barely expected the coffin to work, nevermind matching accessories OMG.

A dresser would be cool. Like a not-too-tall one tile deal maybe, with drawers with those handles? Or maybe a short two-tile with side-by-side drawers? I like dressers that are not too big so they don't obscure my view much.

Hmm, what else.... I can't really think of anything at the moment. Something vampirey or Ikea-ish would be cool, to go with the Ikea Vampire theme. Like a fanged teddy bear or something... idk. Ooh maybe a fanged recolour of the Maxis Freezer Bunny? That would be fun to stick on your shelves! I could try making that!

#18 15-06-2012 
Can I put my 2¢ worth in here please?

A two drawer chest would look better; or even one with a draw up the top and a little two door cupboard down the bottom...seems to be a waste of space with only the one little drawer.

Also a dresser would be great, something like Jon did with the Seasons end table HERE.

I really like the little block shelves, are they single shelves or a nest/set?

I like the shape of the coffin and the colour range...would love permission to do more recolour when it is ready (thinking medieval and grunge).

Don't laugh when you read this! (Me being the least experienced person on the site). If I can help in any way let me know.

#19 15-06-2012 
I would be thrilled to have you recolour the coffin vampire bed, Michelle!

I am thrilled with ALL of you, in fact. This coffin vampire bed has been dead in the water for nearly 6 months, so to have Honeywell and Lee and BO actually get it working right.... and to have MLC and Michelle interested in making addons and recolours..... it is beyond what I'd ever hoped for the project.

Thank you ALL! You're the best. Seriously. The BEST!

* fanseelamb gleefully bounces in her coffin vampire bed


#20 15-06-2012 

Ta-da! These are recolours of M&G bunny made recolourable by Havelock in the last post here. I will do recolours of the BV (or is it AL? FT?) version too (the one at the top of that thread) so that more people can use them.


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