Hiya fishies :)
#11 16-06-2012 
Now, usually - after a rousing leefish HALLO and WELCOME - new fish run away never to be seen again. Sad
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#12 16-06-2012 
* mustluvcatz straps Misty down

No problem. I've got this one, she'll be going nowhere.

#13 16-06-2012 
I'll fit right in!
Ginnie Wrote:We'll get along just fine as long as you never get between me and chocolate.

#14 16-06-2012 
I am not a mad person. I'm one of the few sane ones here! Gday!

#15 16-06-2012 
celebkiriedhel;14399 Wrote:I am not a mad person. I'm one of the few sane ones here! Gday!

That's one of the first signs you know. Thinking you're sane. I used to think the same thing about myself.

Poor, poor delusional bright young thing.. tis a shame. Big Grin

#16 16-06-2012 
Welcome to the pond Smile

I too am a BIG sifi fan.
RebaLynn1960, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Apr 2012.

#17 16-06-2012 
Misty!! Big Grin How great to have you join our school of stark, raving mad completely sane and well-adjusted fishies. Angel

And that coffin thread... beware, it's like a black hole, it sucks in everyone who goes near it. (Or maybe it's more like a Tyken's Rift: you get trapped in it, and go insane...) QED - I'm making a coffin music box, and I don't even play vampires!

Anyway. Welcome to LeeFish! Wink

#18 16-06-2012 
Welcome Misty Smile

#19 17-06-2012 
Sorry for not replying sooner, fishies! Thank you so much for the warm welcome Heart I'm not running away, I like crazy, fruity fishes. I'm totally sane and totally unfruity myself, though.
Misty, proud to be a member of Leefish since Feb 2011.

#20 22-06-2012 
Hi Misty welcome to leefish... If I didn't welcome you already Tongue


Sorry, that is a members only option