Working on my hood again. This time the Caliente Sisters.

In a previous version, both girls were single mothers Dina had a child from Mort, Nina from Millefleur.

Dina had an affair with Jimmy Phoenix' wife, lost Mort because of it - but not before she got knocked up. (See Stories from the SimsZone - Jimmy Phoenix for more information)

Nina noticed Millefleur - my love challenge contestant who was a romance sim attempting to woo another sim (Ellora Danaan) who he had nothing in common with. Nina butted her nose and other appendages in, and also ended up with a bun in the oven.

The new hood, they are un-bunned at present, but I will be adding their children. And still coming to terms with whether the respective fathers should be paying maintenance or not.

Screen shot 3 is what they used to look like. 1 and 2 is their new looks.

Note: I'm not using Custom Default Skintones - they're maxis! (The makeup on top is clearly custom Smile )

The Caliente's - Made Over Screenshot The Caliente's - Made Over Screenshot The Caliente's - Made Over Screenshot        
#2 17-06-2012
I love seeing how people makeover EA's original Sims, sounds like an interesting neighbourhood you had there.

#3 17-06-2012
Ooh, I really like your Calientes! I've given mine a make-over, too. And my Caliente sisters also have a tendency to get knocked up... but mine are absolutely horrible, they ignore the poor babies until the social workers come to take them away. Sad (If there was an option to put a baby up for adoption, they'd do that, but since there isn't...)

But, there is this multi-millionaire elder romance Sim with an LTW of having woohoo with 20 Sims who has his eyes on them - and they've got their eyes on his money - and I think I'm going to let one of them have (and keep) a baby by him. They'll be disappointed when he finally croaks, though, since their kid won't exactly be the only heir...

Yes, some of my Sims have no moral compass whatsoever. Tongue

#4 18-06-2012
I love seeing makeovers of Maxis sims - Post them up Nix! You too Michelle!

That's what makes them fun Nix! Seeing them do the stuff that makes for good storytelling! And yeah - neither of mine have a moral compass either, but in different ways.

I'm trying to give them a Vegas martini 60's vibe in their house. Not quite there - at the moment, I've just modernised and ikea'ised it. But I've got no custom content in (apart from skins and makeup, and 1 dress).

Oh and regarding the adopting out thing... one of the things I'm considering doing in my new hood, is have a placemarker sim called "DoS" (Department of Social Welfare) who joins a family that has a child to take, then moves out with them, then moves over to Miss Crumplebottom's Home for Abandoned Children, and leaves the child there, and moves out again. That's how I'm going to be doing my adoptions as well. Well... that's the plan. The only thing I'm not sure about is whether there will be a whole lot of corruption around it.


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