• Ja's Amelia expansion set
  • Creator: Ja-viera
sims2 #1
A wonderful new expansion set for Adele's Amelia set by Ja. It has beds, desks, bars, a vanity, a staircase, pet beds, cribs, mirrors, ...

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#2 18-06-2012
Very pretty - I really advise looking through the photo-bucket album linked on the LJ. Great pictures.

#3 18-06-2012
What a lovely expansion set! I really like Ja's stuff. Smile Great find!

#4 18-06-2012
My goodness, that's beautiful!! And did you see the books? Wow. What a find. Thank you for posting it. Smile

That photo hosting site they use is really nice too. I'd never heard of it before, but gosh. I think I shall make an account there right away. So much nicer than photobucket for browsing a set of photos!


Sorry, that is a members only option