Login in modalbox -> usercp appears
#1 22-06-2012 
Hi, I have ever a problem Big Grin

I can't understand how can it appears to the usercp after I logged at the modalbox (enter or register).

For example here on leefish: a guest has box "Become a leefisher!", then he does the login to forum and appears usercp.

How did you do that?


#2 23-06-2012 
aha. You want to know how I made it that the sign up is in the login box? Is that what you mean? It is just HTML that points to the register.php.

Same on the guest box - it is the portal welcome guest template with edits.
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#3 23-06-2012 
um no, this: http://mybbhacks.zingaburga.com/showthread.php?tid=464

Guest look only loginbox, register look usercp

Now in index I have this code

<if $mybb->user['usergroup'] == 1 then>

but so box is hide, instead I wish that in place of the login box (for guests) there was the UserCP for members registered

#4 23-06-2012 
oh. Yes, that is basic portal functionality. In the guest welcome I have "become a leefisher" then in the user welcome i have the user welcome. It is the same on proportal
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Sorry, that is a members only option