New decorative bottles that I made with a bit of help from a certain fish. Aren't they cute. vamp

Blood on the Wall Screenshot Blood on the Wall Screenshot          
#2 25-06-2012
Very cute, makes me want to run out and get some raspberry cordial. Smile

#3 25-06-2012
Those look great fansee - I actually prefer the mapping and colours you have used on those to the original drinkable ones you have on MTS.

#4 25-06-2012
Thanks guys! Big Grin

I prefer these too, Lee. I've already redone the drinkable versions to match these, but haven't uploaded them yet. Those drinkable ones were my very first object mesh y'know. Was a minor miracle that I got 'em to work at all. These new decorative ones are my THIRD! Am making great strides. Tongue


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