Ok, I have been strangely absent Big Grin

It is because I have playing this really cute MMORPG called Arcane Lands. It is free to play and at the moment it is in testing. It is a game that a couple of guys have made themselves (and is actually great fun).

If you liked Zelda then you will like this


UPDATE: I hear from one of the guys that it will stay free after the testing phase. Awesome Big Grin

Arcane lands Screenshot          
#2 01-07-2012
That looks cute but I shall resist! At least for now...

#3 02-07-2012
I'm testing it!

#4 02-07-2012
RPGs are great whether single-player or multi-player, but I'm afraid I'm too much of a graphics snob for this one to hold my interest. I used to play the original Sims quite a bit, but these days the limited zoom and isometric view are hard to tolerate.


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