Fit on Page only in posts?
#1 03-07-2012 
Lee, why not open a section just for MyBB? Big Grin

Anyway, other question "Fit on Page on page" plugin.. (do not hate me, please :x)

How can I automatically resize the images only in posts? Now I resize all the banners outside the posts..

For example the banner in portal.php of 728x90, Fit on Page resize it..


#2 03-07-2012 
Hmm, I saw this question on mybb. It is something with configuration.
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#3 03-07-2012 
Um this problem is solved with version 2.0:

ISSUE2: [RESOLVED IN v2.0] Do you have large header/banner or other large images on your site that are also getting resized which you do not want to resize? Read this post, 3 posts down

Ah the problem is only in portal.php, umm

#4 04-07-2012 
did you edit the fit on page files for portal? Remember pro portal is a pain with this kind of thing. Check that you have all the fiton page code in portal If you don't, then uninstall reinstall fit on page.
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#5 05-07-2012 
I resolved uninstall reinstall fit on page, thanks Big Grin


Sorry, that is a members only option