• The SÖMNIG Vampire Music Box
  • Added by: NixNivis

Since Lee blabbered that she wanted to see a video of my music box and her wish is my command, here you have it: the SÖMNIG Vampire Music Box. vamp

Note that the animation is not quite finished, I'm still tweaking the speed to make it match the music. I also want the vampire to turn his head when he's sitting up, so that he's looking right at you (and you can see his glowing red eyes), but Milkshape, SimPE and the game all disagree on exactly how that is supposed to happen, so I still have some work to do there.

The music is Modest Mussorgsky's A Night on the Bare Mountain. (You've seen Fantasia, right?) It seemed suitably diabolic. Wink

#2 08-07-2012
Nix I love it, have laughed my way through the video a couple of time now, I so want one of those...and a box of tissues.

#3 08-07-2012
I am stunned by it's awesomeness and very VERY impressed. That is a fantastic item.

#4 08-07-2012
* NixNivis beams Big Grin

As I said, not quite finished, but I'm getting there.

To me, a vampire that buys his coffin from IKEA would be the casual type, so he's wearing jeans and what's supposed to be a leather jacket. Oh, and gym shoes. He definitely isn't the tux-and-cape kind of vamp. Wink


As you maybe can see on the second screenshot (where the vampire is lying down), I've ripped out the original coffin bedding and replaced it with a simple plane (I know, I need to fix the mapping). Not that Fansee's coffin was high poly, but it's a mere one-tiler now and I've added stuff to it, so I still needed to bring the poly count down a bit.

#5 08-07-2012
Ahahahaha that is AWESOME, Nix! I especially love the details on the vampire himself. So darn cute!

Good idea getting rid of that bedding and pillow too. I think the big coffin needs it, but this small music box is fine without it.

#6 08-07-2012
Awesome.. just awesome.

* mustluvcatz wishes she was half as awesome as Nix

(But could the world handle all that awesomeness?!?)

#7 09-07-2012
That's awesome already. When you get finished it going to be twice as awesome. Smile

#8 09-07-2012
* NixNivis feels awesome Big Grin

Hee, glad everybody likes! I think I've solved the problem with the head not animating properly; long story short, I changed it to a different parent joint and that seems to have done the trick. Vampire head-turning coming up!

@MLC, no, it would explode in a BFBVFS. Wink

@Fansee, I had fun with that vampire. Wink And I completely agree the big coffin needs bedding, it would look strange (not to mention uncomfortable) otherwise - and even with the bedding it's still low poly. But for anybody to actually see that the music box vamp doesn't have a proper pillow, they'd have to zoom in close and then look down into the coffin while the music was playing and the vampire was sitting up. IMO, if you have to go through that much trouble to see a something, then yeah, you can do without it. Smile The music box has 916 polys now; I think I can get away with that even if it's a little over the 800-poly mark.

#9 09-07-2012
Darn right you can get away with that polycount! Anyone that might have a problem with it would forget about it as soon as they saw the awesomeness in action. Smile

#10 09-07-2012
Love it! Laughed so hard I had to change my undies! Ginnie


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