How to use OUGC Show in Portal?
#1 11-07-2012 
Hello, I have "OUGC Show in Portal". I create a new thread, I put [!--more--] in the thread but it doesn't work, the post isn't cut on the portal and [!--more--] appears.

How do you use it? thanks!

#2 11-07-2012 
hi Deb - is there a read me in the download?
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#3 11-07-2012 
Hi, thanks, I believe I have downloaded from here:

There are only screenshots, but if I active the plugin, portal's pages doesn't appear :\

Maybe I must change plugin.."Portal Announcement Cutoff" plugin is good?

#4 11-07-2012 
Well, it all depends really. If you use the portal announcements cutoff then it will cut off halfway through a word if that is where the last character is. Also, if you have a mycode that is cutoff by the plugin, then it will show half of the unstyled mycode tag.

(This is why I do not like users adding a load of stuff to their posts in areas where it posts to portal.) (sighs).

You are probably best posting on MYBB in Omar's release thread and asking him.
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#5 12-07-2012 
Solved Smile thanks


Sorry, that is a members only option