#1 21-07-2012 
hi, most of you know that I have a cat, Willem.

Last Monday he had something odd about his right eye - like a very faint haze. I called the vet and we went in with Willem. The vet was concerned and made an appointment with a specialist vet.

On Friday, we went to the specialist vet. By this time Willem's right eye was white and he could no longer see from that eye (we tested by holding cat treats at that side of him...) and we were told that there are 3 possibilities:

1) Cat Leukemia
2) Cat aids
3) Severe viral infection.

We have been given lots of pills and eye drops etc for him and we hope to get the test results by Tuesday.


#2 21-07-2012 
Hoping for #3.. seems to be the best of the worst, if you get what I mean.

[Image: 95mm0x.jpg]
Get well soon, Willem!! (They have gift baskets for anything these days!)

#3 21-07-2012 
Oh no, Lee.

As you know, I've been through similar recently so know how you must be feeling. Thinking of you and Willem.

I'm with MLC and hope it's the lesser of the 3 options.

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#4 21-07-2012 
That's horrible to hear Sad I wish you and him the best!

#5 21-07-2012 
I'm with MLC here, hoping that it's an infection, the least horrible of the options. although obviously still not a pleasant one.

Best wishes for Willem.

#6 21-07-2012 
Poor little guy. I really hope it's the curable option and that he makes a full recovery.

#7 21-07-2012 
Oh no, poor Willem - and poor you and B! I'm with everybody else, I really hope it's the lesser of three evils. Signe and I are thinking of all of you.

#8 21-07-2012 
Oh, poor Willem. I too hope it's the best case. Ginnie
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#9 22-07-2012 
Poor little guy Sad I hope he will be okay, he has the best owners who love him so much.

#10 22-07-2012 
Thank you all of you. It is a stressful time, but we pretend to Willem that all is normal. No point crying all over him JUST yet. Sad
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