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Hi everyone,,,,,I'm new here and don't know anything at all about Sims. I was invited over by Leefish, who's been helping me with a forum I have. It's very interesting to see all the neat things she does that makes forums so cool. I know she's done wonders on mine. You guys are very fortunate to have an admin as knowledgeable as Lee. I'm not here to push my forum, or spam hers,,,,,,just trying to learn and she was kind enough to invite me over.

To Lee,,,,,,,,,way cool things you've done here,,,,,,,,,,now to try and figure out how you did some of them. I like it.

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Hi Renegade - thanks for taking the time to visit Big Grin

I have not shouted out CB as yet (we are not finished) but a few of the regulars have seen a few preview peeks.
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Hi Renegade and welcome Smile
Lee also supports and helps me with MyBB, she's a genius of the codes!

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Hi Renegade

Welcome to Leefish, Lee is certainly the coolest Admin I know Smile
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Hi Renegade, Welcome to Leefish.nl

Everyone is right, but also a bit wrong... Lee may be a genius of the code, but she's also rather hospitable, performing what seems like miracles for her regulars. I have my *home* here.

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Yes, of course, in addition to being brilliant, lee is also helpful and friendly (and has vey muuuuch patience with me! understanding also my broken English Big Grin ).

Here is very good Smile

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Welcome to Leefish, Renegade! Smile Yep, Lee is defininely the best admin around. This is a great place, even if you're not into Sims!

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wave G'Day Renegade, welcome to Leefish.

#9 23-07-2012 
This IS a great place and Lee IS a great admin, I think you'll really like it here.. welcome to Leefish. Smile

/me wonders why nobody mentioned how awesome SHE is Big Grin

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Hello! I'm Ginnie, and I do the Updates for Saving the Sims.
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