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So I showed this sim to Lee and Fansee, and they told me to post the pictures here Big Grin It's one of my very first TS3 sims, and wasn't sure if I'm doin' it right (and is not done yet), but these two lovelies encouraged me, so here I am. Am not saying who it's supposed to be, because that wouldn't be as fun Tongue

Misty is fiddling with TS3 Screenshot Misty is fiddling with TS3 Screenshot          
#2 24-07-2012
He is so adorable. You're definitely doing it right. WHOever he is. Wink

#3 24-07-2012
Hmmm, looks kind of familiar... Doctor...somebody. Kildare?

* leefish is just kidding. I see WHO it is

#4 24-07-2012
He (WHOShallRemainNameless) is such a cutie! Smile
But he doesn't really resemble Doctor House? Or maybe it's supposed to be the little blonde guy? Hmmm.

* mustluvcatz snickers and is such a meanie

Nah, I could tell who it's supposed to be just from the pic on the front page. Sims 3 sims aren't something I usually care to look at, but I could look at him some more. Smile


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