Contest expiring to portal
#1 26-07-2012 
Hallo, do you know if I can add a box in the portal where automatically put the latest contests expiring?

Thank you in advance

#2 26-07-2012 
well, it depends. do you have a variable in the contests that we can grab? I would guess a date field.
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#3 27-07-2012 
uhm, I do not know. Perhaps "Delayed moderation"? a bit as your "Fresh Fish"

#4 27-07-2012 
Fresh fish is a cheat (as is a lot of Leefish). It just grabs the threads with a picture from forums x,y and z and displays them in date order.

But you want ones that are ending soon. Unless all contests have an ending date order that matches the thread id order then it will just be a lot of contests.
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#5 03-05-2014 
Lee, here you used xthreads with calendar?

maybe I could add date of expiration in threads and automatically contests will go in calendar?

#6 03-05-2014 
Hmm no. But in THEORY - its possible with the plugin from AriesBelgium.


Sorry, that is a members only option