Question on member profile and location
#1 31-07-2012 
Hi, sorry to bother you again Sad but I have two questions for the member profile:

- What is the code for show "location" field on postbit_classic only if user fill this field?
I tried with "{$xtpf['fid1']}" but nothing (location ID is 1)

- In member profile how can I show signature of user only if user writes it?
I tried with "<if ($memprofile['signature'])=="" then>{$memprofile['signature']}<else>L'utente non ha ancora modificato la sua firma</if>"
but it show only "L'utente non ha ancora modificato la sua firma" (The user still has not changed his signature)

Thank you very much in advance!

#2 31-07-2012 
Hmm, on the first one, that should work, I shall test and report back.

On the second, try that code in the member_profile_signature template, not direct in the member profile.

For postbit, try

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#3 31-07-2012 
In postbit_classic I tried:

{$post['user_details']}<br />
Località: {$GLOBALS['xtpf']['fid1']}

But appears only "Località"

#4 31-07-2012 
Put a default value in the profile field if they do not fill it in. On the billiards I have the default value as "Nowhereville" Wink
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#5 01-08-2012 
Thank you, I put "Location: Unknown"


Sorry, that is a members only option