Holiday Cottage Complex
#1 03-08-2012 

This is what I'm in the process of building at the moment. (I'm still going to finish the Amsterdam project too but I just had to do this whilst it's still reasonably fresh in my head.) I'm not trying to replicate the cottages exactly, just trying to give an idea of the cottages and house.

So far I've decorated and furnished the cottages and started the landscaping. I've not touched the Georgian Farmhouse at all yet.

Of course feedback would be very much appreciated Smile


Here is the link if you want to go look at what I'm attempting Smile
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#2 04-08-2012 
Hmm, looking good, I see what you meant about the sheer size of the lots though.

What is the average footprint of one cottage? I would suggest maybe having a look at how plasticbox did her barnoids. Those are tiny yet spacious because of the attic space.
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#3 05-08-2012 
The 2 you can see at the front are 8x6 and the other 2 at the back are similar. I've already reduced them all by 1 square.

I suppose I could use the attics, after all they're not going to be exact replicas. I will be lot adjusting and losing 10 from the front and the sides too, so that will make the lot 40x50.

The other thought I had would be to create two lots, one with the cottages on and the other with the house/hotel on it.
Karen Lorraine, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Jan 2012.


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