Textures Y U So Pixelated?
#1 05-08-2012 
Hey all,

Right so no matter what I seem to do I always get pixelated/blurry textures whenever I import them into the game. Even my phones (my cellphone replacements that I am so proud of) are kinda blurry. Am I doing something wrong or is this normal behavior because I noticed that even some Maxis textures are kind of blurry in the game too.

Anyone have tips to help a fellow modder out? Thx

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#2 05-08-2012 
Well, how are you importing them? In SimPE you want to use Build DXT and make sure you choose DXT3 or DXT5 as the type... not DXT1 which will reduce the image quality to a pixelated mess.

The other possibility is that your texture images are just too small, and therefore being enlarged when displayed on the mesh, which makes them blurry. Easy fix for that too - make the texture image bigger. As long as you keep the dimensions the same as the original texture image, Build DXT will import the bigger image and the game will use it no problem.

#3 06-08-2012 
DXT1 - That must be the problem. I guess I didn't even think to change it to DXT3 or DXT5. I made sure to keep the dimensions the same so I know what I was doing there lol.

Thx fanseelamb! Big Grin
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#4 06-08-2012 
Yeah, what fansee said. Smile

The odd thing is, with Maxis object, SimPE will often claim that they're using DXT1 compression, even when the texture is super detailed. (I don't know if SimPE is wrong, or if Maxis use some kind of special voodoo DXT1 compression that doesn't pixellate stuff.) So it's easy not to think of changing the compression at first, since it looks like it works just fine... until you try to import your own texture and ZOMG pixels everywhere!

You may want to note that if you use DXT3 or DXT5 and also have a big texture image, then the .package file can get pretty big. In that case, the Compressorizer is your friend.

#5 06-08-2012 
Alright so this is the fruit of my labor - It this ok?

[Image: texturescomp.jpg]

In the game if you don't look at it zoomed up close it looks great but as soon as you get too close (like cameraman + zoomed in close) it degrades quite a bit. I used the same image dimensions and I imported it DXT5.

Any feedback would be grand. Thx! Celebrate
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#6 06-08-2012 
Well, to me it depends on what kind of object it is. (I can't tell from this angle.) If it's something players probably will zoom in on, then I'd go to 512x512 instead and see how that looks. But if the object is something really small, or something like a plate or a coffee cup, that it's very unlikely people would zoom in on, then I think this is all right. Like I said, it depends on what kind of object it is.

#7 06-08-2012 
Good to know. This example in particular is the baby food bowl.
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