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#1 07-08-2012 
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I have been looking out for an Raffle plugin that almost like vBulletin Mods yet I can't find it.

Well, its an ease to the members and the administrator as well. And if administrator sets 50 posts as an requirement and there're 300 members participating, the administrator can't be checking on 300 members posts count. But just an plugin to implement this such idea to boost an website with an contest and a great SEO method too!

Its like able to set an prize(image), set raffle rules and generate the users automatically once the event date has ended. Meanwhile the administrator need not go to random .org to generate the integer instead MyBB system will automatically generates the name and send them an PM that they have won.


#2 09-08-2012 
I saw a similar request for this on the mybb site - as a new points plugin. Is that what you are looking for?
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#3 16-08-2012 
Closed as requestor got his plugin.
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Sorry, that is a members only option