Internet explorer and mybb
#1 08-08-2012 
Today I have tried my site web in internet explorer 8..and it is a disaster, an example:

then border-radius doesn't work, box-shadow etc.. but I can normally see the other sites (for example leefish in my internet explorer 8 is ok) :/

#2 08-08-2012 
I know you are going to hate me deb, but the best way to get your site to run on all browsers is valid HTML. Get the html fixed.
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#3 09-08-2012 
Also (and you probably already know this), some CSS items have to be coded in one way for IE 8 and in another for Firefox/Opera/whatever - often IE 8 requires more detailed instructions than Firefoxand the others do. It's a pain in the butt, but that's Microsoft for ya. Tongue

/end unsolicited butting in

#4 09-08-2012 
Yup, we were discussing this yesterday - IE7 and IE8 and IE9 are all separate implementations of browserness. Hence why they are a TOTAL PITA.

The main thing here is the attempt at a hover effect on a td in IE. as far as I know, <=IE8 only supports the hover element on links, it needs javascript to make it work otherwise (a la suckerfish).
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#5 09-08-2012 
* NixNivis hugs Firefox close and pets it

You didn't mention IE 6. Wink (I understand why - just thinking about IE 6 gives me nightmares.) The life of all HTML coders everywhere would be SO much easier if IE could just be nuked from orbit.

Re the hover, that unfortunately sounds right. Sad Me, I've always done hover effects with javascript unless it's been on a link (old habits die hard), so I don't know of any other way. Oh IE, how we hate thee...

#6 09-08-2012 
I am going all hard-core over IE6 Big Grin

Microsoft have deprecated it. They chucked it out in the trash and I (and many other developers) are GLEEFULLY nailing the lid on the trashcan.

Yea, javascript. Deb is not allowed any more javascript Tongue
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#7 09-08-2012 
Can I join you? Gawd, IE6 was like all IE2 all over again. Sad (All right, so maybe it wasn't quite THAT bad... no. It was that bad.)

Yeah, you need to be careful with how much javascript you allow these coding youngsters. Wink (@Deb, I'm just kidding! From what I've seen of your convos with Lee, I think you're doing great!)

#8 09-08-2012 
I hate all IE Sad 5,6,7,8,9,10,11 etc!

Thank you NixNivis, but html, php etc is very very difficult for me and often the latest news and usefulness are written in English...The English are more technologically advanced Big Grin

#9 11-08-2012 
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My website which is Mybb powered forum is running smoothly in IE 8 and I think ie is now improving, eg IE 9 but it is no where near Mozilla Firefox or Opera Browser.

#10 11-08-2012 
Yes IE8 is not that bad, but I prefer Opera.
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