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#1 10-08-2012 
I'm working on a stove and wanted to add the fireplace logs and fire effect. That much I knew how to do- See pic! The one on your left has the logs and effect added..the one on your right is put over an invisible fireplace. (I prefer mine, lol.)

The only thing is: I only know how to add an effect that starts once the object is placed OR starts after an idle period. Is it possible to make the effect start when the stovetop is used? And then end when cooking is done? If not.. it's fine the way it is since the person it's for is a pixel pyromaniac. Big Grin

Oh.. as the effect is now, it starts when the object is placed (when you go in live mode it starts) and it never stops. Like I said, that would be fine for the person this object is for. Ideally, I'd like it to work like the fireplace effect..with the poking and all. (But this needs to be a stove, not a fireplace.)

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#2 10-08-2012 
I know naught about effects and their effects :giggle:

#3 10-08-2012 
Well, I DO know about effects and their effects. Wink And sure you can! (That's a very nice stove, BTW.) Instead of adding the effect to the Main, you add it to a good place in the pertinent function/interaction.

In this case, the BHAV you want is "Function - Cook" and its guardian. (They most likely won't be in your package, so you'll need to import them first.) A good place to start the effect, at least to me, might be right after the Standard Entry - and a good place to stop it is right before the Standard Exit.

Then you need to go into the OBJf's and make sure that the two of them that calls the "Function - Cook" calls your local "Function - Cook" instead of the global 2000-something one. And then you should be set. Smile

Edit: If you want to have more control over when the effect starts, you can edit the "Cook - _Core" BHAV instead (which also will need to be imported into the package). Actually, that might be better. Smile In that case, make sure that your local "Function - Cook" then calls your edited "Cook - _Core" instead of the semiglobal one (and that the OBJf'a are calling the local "Function - Cook" that calls the local "Cook - _Core".) Or, if you want different fires depending on whether the food is being fried or just simmering, you can edit those _Core BHAVS, and then have "Cook - _Core" call your edited cores.

#4 10-08-2012 
The only part of that I don't understand is the "Standard Entry" and "Standard Exit". Or is that something that will be obvious after "Function-Cook" (and it's guardian) are imported?

Edit: The effect it has now wasn't added to the Main. It's imported as "Function - Start Run Mode" since that's the way I knew how to do it...thanks to adding that effect to a mesh for someone else.

#5 10-08-2012 
Yep, Standard Entry and Standard Exit are two lines in the Function Cook BHAV. Standard Entry is line... 0x10 and the Standard Exits (you have two) on 0x12 and 13.

I was editing my last post as you posted, so I'll reiterate what I wrote then. It might be better to edit the "Cook - _Core" BHAV instead; then you'll have more control over when the effect starts.

Edit: I made a test stove. Smile (Hmm, now that I look closely at it, it looks a bit like it's actually the pan that's playing music, and not the stove. Bad Nix for not checking her Stack Object IDs. Tongue)

#6 10-08-2012 
You made a musical stove? Ohhh, this I've got to see. Which I will do laterish, must go run errands. Smile

Thanks for telling me what to do here- and I'll be trying that out laterish too. I didn't get a chance to yet because I went back to bed and just got up. Bad MLC.

#7 10-08-2012 
It looks great so far. Looking forward to seeing it once you have finished. Smile

#8 10-08-2012 
@MLC, ok, forget what I said about adding the effect to the "Function - Cook", it IS the "Cook - _Core you should add it to. (You still need to import the Function Cook, though, since you need it to call your modified "Cook - _Core".) I added it as line... *checks SimPE* 0x6 (nothing fancy, just a regular insert via true) and then the effect properly comes from the stove, and nowhere else - not from the pot and not from Rhonda Random. Wink

Yeah, re the musical notes, I pretty much just grabbed the first effects name I had handy. Wink And you're welcome, I'm glad if I could help. 'Cause it sounds absolutely awesome to have a stove where the fire is only burning when it's in use. Smile

#9 10-08-2012 
Hey Nix? Your stovesaucepan music box looks awesome. Can we have a stovesaucepan radio too? Big Grin I wish my pots and pans played music when I cook..that would be awesome.

Home. Firing up SimPE. Gonna give this a shot- hopefully it's as easy as adding the one effect I know how to add is. (I plan on adding fire to a couple of more things for my pixel pyromaniac giftee so it's a good thing I know how to add it!)

#10 10-08-2012 
No, it should be a grill! Tongue

Aww, thanks. I actually didn't notice it at first, not until I was uploading the video. "Wait a sec, aren't the notes coming from..." Blush

Oh, I forgot to say, you're going to need to stop the effect no less than four times - one for each cook type. But that's nothing fancy, either, just chuck it in after each little green T (and then have the Stop Effect return true instead) and you're good. Smile

Speaking of cook types - do you want different fires for different types of cooking, or are you going to use the same for all? 'Cause if you want different fires, then it's the "Cook - _Type" BHAVs we should be playing with instead.


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