BG version of SimWardrobe gun?
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I don't know if this is of any interest to you, but: I am gearing up to do a massive Apocalypse hood, but discovered while playtesting that none of the functional guns work with my game. My highest EP is NL, and the original guns on SimWardrobe (Sims 2 > Objects > Shooters) *say* they require NL or OFB, and that OFB is only necessary for the sound effects. However, when I opened the Assault Rifle in SimPE it seemed like something in the bhavs was linked to Servo behavior. Any chance of making a similar mod that is BG compatible? (SimSlice claims theirs work for BG, but examination in SimPE shows they are just more clones of the SimWardrobe guns.)

#2 10-08-2012 
Actually, James (or Paladin from SimWardrobe) did a very thorough job making those guns, and he always tried to get the lowest possible EP requirements for all of his mods. If his guns don't work in your game, then I'm afraid there's no chance in hell that I'll be able to improve on his work.

Heck, at Simslice, they usually make everything themselves (or so they claim). If even they simply cloned James' work, then what can *I* do?

But since you mention SimSlice... do you have any of their robot-NPCs in your game? If so, then I'd say "get rid of them and see if the guns work THEN".

Otherwise, I'm very sorry, but you're out of luck here.


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