Back from Ireland!
#1 13-08-2012 
Sorry to be so quiet for the last 5 weeks. Been in Ireland for work which isn't as fun as it sounds. Doing 10 hour days, 6-7 days a week doesn't leave much time for anything else.

So no Sims, or touristing or anything else interesting to tell you. But.... I did get an ingrown toenail cut out. Does that count?

Anyway I'm GLAD to be back!!
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#2 13-08-2012 
Kiri!! many hugs. It looks like they made the most of your time there, so that you could not. Bosses huh. Can't work with em, not allowed to shoot em.

OW on toenail.
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#3 13-08-2012 
Tell me about it!!! I'd shoot 'em if I could. Alternatively, I'm going to look forward to retirement. Early if I can depending on when I win the lottery! Big Grin

I've been sleeping 19 hours yesterday, and another nap today and feeling human.

#4 13-08-2012 
Welcome back Kiri. Pity you didn't get to do any sightseeing.
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#5 13-08-2012 
Welcome back, Kiri! Ouch, bosses. Sad (To paraphrase a quote from Babylon 5, can't you hurt them? Just a little?)

#6 13-08-2012 
Welcome back!
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#7 14-08-2012 
Welcome back.

#8 14-08-2012 
Nix... you know Babylon 5?!?!?!!! Oh wow! That's in my top 3 favourite tv series ever! Smile

Karen - I lived in Dublin for 3 years back in 2006-2009 so I did a fair bit of sightseeing then, but I was hoping to see another page of the Book of Kells. Alas it was not meant to be Sad

Thanks Ginnie and Sailfindragon Smile

#9 15-08-2012 
Kiri, heck yeah! Big Grin I'm a Trekker at heart, but I love B5, too. I've even made some B5 stuff for TS2. Smile
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#10 15-08-2012 
Well given that Star Trek is also in my top 3 favourite series (and Dr Who is too) It sounds like you and me are soul sisters! Smile

And Oh My sweet Will Wright - you have stories!!!!

Sorry - disappearing to read them all. Be back later!


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