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Omg, how cute is this?!? It's enough to make me break my "no sim babies" rule.
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Recolor, edit, include meshes with recolors and/or lots.
Just don't claim my work as your own and keep it FREE!
No paysites please!

Oh Baby! Nursery Set Screenshot Oh Baby! Nursery Set Screenshot Oh Baby! Nursery Set Screenshot  
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#5 17-08-2012
I might just have to download this too Smile

Registering thing: It drives me nuts too! Especially when you're trying to track down CC to credit it correctly.

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#7 17-08-2012
Lovely. Smile

#8 17-08-2012
How cute! Thanks for finding it, MLC! Smile

It bugs my socks off when forums won't let you see anything without being registered. (I actually am registered at BPS, so it isn't an issue for me in this case, even though I just lurk and never talk, but I still don't like the principle of it.) I get not being able to download or post without being registered, but not even letting people look at pictures? To me, that always smells of a clique-y "you're not welcome here if you're not one of us already, so there!" mentality, and I had enough of that kind of targ manure in high scool. Tongue


Sorry, that is a members only option