Neighbourhood Deco
#1 21-08-2012 
I blithely told a friend I would make the stonehenge n'hood deco (EAxis version) into a version without spaceship, thinking I could just clone it in SimPE.

So.. Blush how do I find the hood deco to mangalate? As in - is it in SimPE (and if so, where? Or do I need to go hunting in the .package file?)

We know about Numenor's, but it's a bit too big for the area she wants it. And I still think, turning off the effect should be easy enough, once I find the object.

I couldn't find any tutes at MTS2 about it. My MTS-fu is low.

(And oh yeah - I have looked through SimPE myself - but if it's there I'm suffering domestic blindness).

#2 21-08-2012 
Hmm, I have zero experience with making hood deco - I will see if I can find something on mts.
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#3 21-08-2012 
Hi there, I came across this nugget of info during my Google search:


Further update. Now that I'm finally able to use SimPe again, I've been looking. I don't see the neighborhood items listed anywhere in Object Workshop, but if you "Open" a file rather than clicking "start" you can browse to the Program Files/EA Games/Sims 2/TSData/(Any EP folder)/Res/Objects in order to find the objects package.

Copy that file to be absolutely certain you are not messing with the original. Messing with the Objects package is a good way to corrupt it, and your game with it.

I also found a package in the Catalog/CANH folder called catcanhobjectsbundle, which might actually be the one we want. (Copy it before working with it as well.) It appears to be a collection of all the neighborhood decoration objects, but that "catalog" folder makes me think it might just be the catalog listings. ("cat" at the beginning of the filename is another clue...)

I'll bet you thought I had forgotten about this.

Switch your SimPe to Advanced Mode. That apparently lets you see the neighborhood decorations. (Thanks to this thread here, which also mentions a tutorial on editing them.)

The stuff in bold is the important stuff.
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#4 22-08-2012 
Thanks for this - I completely forgot about setting to Advanced mode. I've cloned the Henge, and it looks like it's pulled it without the links to spaceships which is what I want. So I'm thinking I'll just go with this version as is. Smile

catcanhobjectsbundle.package - Is just an index, so using that won't find the hood deco.

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#5 22-08-2012 
Nice! - Can I ask where the hood deco is found then? You know, for future reference lol.
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#6 22-08-2012 
And this is why I complain about having no brain - in the old days you wouldn't have had to ask, I would have already told you in my previous post.

Open up (with catalog)

Other -> Neighborhood -> Effects, Flora, Landmark, Misc, Stone

Stonehenge is called Ancient Henge.
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#7 22-08-2012 
No worries you were proabably just excited lol. Thanks for the info!
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