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#1 22-08-2012 
This is my first "serious" house, I do not have a specific project, I go for inspiration and imagination.

For now I made the face and a piece of garden (solar panels, an ecological house Big Grin) , I still have to finish it all:

[Image: snapshot7d4009c57d404f7.jpg]

[Image: snapshot7d4009c5bd4049c.jpg]

[Image: snapshot7d4009c55d405c4.jpg]

I hate to build roofs, I do not know how to do Big Grin

#2 22-08-2012 
That is a giant house lol. Really well done though.
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#3 22-08-2012 
Uhm I should make it smaller? Smile perhaps I could increase garden and add a small lake.
Usually an entrance so it is for the houses a little large.

Now that I think, it is beginning to be a little style "retirement home" lol

#4 22-08-2012 
mmmm, interesting. I like the entrance way - very grand looking.

Not so keen on the round roof above it, if you want to use something like that I'd go for the one of the pointy rooves. As Xander points out it is very large, it maybe easier to build something far smaller for your first upload project. You're going to have lots of rooms in that house which might be difficult to fill and furnish.

Are you thinking of a single person's retirement home or a home for many people?

Looking forward to the updates Smile
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#5 22-08-2012 
When you're doing roofs, try starting with a completely flat roof (i.e. a floor-like roof). Then build up the shapes with the manual, keeping the roof to a couple of shapes. If you have a look at your flat roof shape, it's basically a H or U. With the auto-roof, if follows the contours of the roof below, but if you do a flat roof first, you can smooth out the shapes, so it will look more finished. A good roofscape really makes a house, and I think you've got the chance here to make a really nice one.

I really like the entrance way with the balcony above - that looks great, although I do think you want to rethink the round roof.

I also like the solar panels, but for a house with such a grand facade, I doubt they'd put the panels at the front - I suspect it would be more of a formal garden.
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#6 22-08-2012 
It's a good start for a first project - looks as if you have building skills. I'd copy the house into the lot library, then play with the original a bit in the game. I do like the entrance, but if you want to reduce the size of the house it may have to go. Or take off one half the house and have the entrance to the side.
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#7 24-08-2012 
I think Roofs are nightmarishly hard to do, which is why I always build small houses. In sim world, I actually build from the outside in, to guarantee a pretty roof.

What games do you have installed? If you have Mansion and garden you can use the roof slider, or you can do what I do and cheat. Make the MIDDLE section of the house a level higher, then roof it. It will get rid of the dip.
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#8 24-08-2012 
Actually, I've started doing that, building the house shape that you want and then doing the roof before doing anything else - definitely easier to adapt the house shape to the roof, rather than the other way around, lol.

And Lee, you cheat?

Deb: you might find it a lot easier to start with something small and then move onto larger buildings, or use a house plan. I have an excel sheet that converts sims squares to RL measurements if you want it (found it on MTS, but can't remember where from).
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#9 24-08-2012 
Thank you for replies.
I'm reducing the area of the house, so I have smaller rooms and then I'll have to create a little decent garden around or similar.

Thank you Karen, I'm thinking for a family (I plan to make a room for children).

Roof is really very difficult, I tried all the roofs but I don't even like one :/ I have installed funky business, live with friends, mansion and garden, nightlife and seasons.

My experiment :\

[Image: snapshot7d4009c57d43f52.jpg]

#10 24-08-2012 

This is a fabulous tutorial, that includes a number of tips on how to fool auto-roof to get a roof looking more like you want it to.

RealPollyMogs has a lot of wonderful tutorials - and part of the reason they are wonderful is (a) they are maxis-only so anyone can do it. And (b) she explains WHY she's doing something as well as HOW she does it.

(I've downloaded them all onto my PC)
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