Actually I've borrowed this title from a book that we publish, don't think they'll mind though Smile

Here is what I've been working feverishly on for a CFE challenge. It still needs a little more work on it, but it was finished enough just to take pictures. When I've tweaked it some more I'll upload it. So just to wet your appetite here are a couple of pictures...

The Adventure Begins! Screenshot The Adventure Begins! Screenshot The Adventure Begins! Screenshot        
#2 01-09-2012
There is only one word for this playground.... AWESOME!! I love it.

(Does the Skating part work? I miss the skate curl we used to have in TS1).

#3 01-09-2012
Thanks Kiri Smile

Didn't have time to playtest but I will before upload Smile I think it should because there's a working skate ramp on MTS.

#4 01-09-2012
I agree. Awesome. I love the half-pipe you have done.


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