I've been on a house building kick lately, even going so far as to make special content for these houses. And by "make special content" I mean "have an idea for special content then get a kindly fish to finhold me through the process". Wink

This is my latest house. The big black shutters on the porch are the special content. Celebrate

* fanseelamb beams proudly at her cute little newbish project

Compton Manor Screenshot          
#2 03-09-2012
That is one HUGE house! We're all moving in when it's done, right? That's why you made it so big? Can I have a room with attached bath? Pwease? (I WILL have my very own bathroom one of these days..even if it's not until I'm the only one left at home, lol.)

There must be something in the air. I've been on a building kick too. Hmmmm. Lee must've put something in that cheese she sent me. She said that powdery stuff was "part of the flavor" and that it was "normal". Me thinks she lied. I wanted to get back to the arches, but I'm just not feeling them right now. They're calling me, I'm just ignoring them for a bit.

Anywho- neat shutters. You'll share those too, right? I'll share the special stuffs I made for my building too. Smile

#3 03-09-2012
awww, it's so cute Big Grin

I like it a lot - very ante-bellum and looks a lot like the pictures from the TV show. Nice shutters - but.....

Do they fade?
Are they intersectable?
Do they require a wall behind?

Most importantly, did you edit a BHAV in a heroic way???

#4 03-09-2012
Looks like the one in the TV show.. so I reckon it's supposed to be a big house? Er..never mind my previous post then and blame it on my not watching TV.

edited due to the linked pic: Ohh..sheesh. Bill. Compton. True Blood! I really should've known. It IS fansee who's posting this after all. Smile


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