I took a picture of that drum set to show someone who's requesting a recolor and noticed just how much stuff is in the picture I never finished--and that's only what you can see. Maybe this will encourage me to actually finish some of this stuff enough so they can be shared.

They look good don't they? I figure I can say that since none of the meshes or textures are mine. The pond stuff on the left is from WoW Mists of Pandaria expansion pack coming out at the end of the month (there's a TON of plants and what not that go really nice with the Sims 2 art style and all of the models are low poly which is nice). And the plants on the left are from one of the Sims Stories packs. They're just an over sized version of what we already have from the Sims 2 with one new texture but they look great and really fill up the space when you landscape with them.

Trees & Shrubs Screenshot          
#2 15-09-2012
They DO look good. Smile As someone who's addicted to plants (rugs and curtains, too) I hope you do finish them.

* mustluvcatz can't help but notice the Monkees on the drum. The Monkees! OMG. Awesome.

#3 15-09-2012
I'm trying to animate this turtle to go with the WoW stuff (which is extremely frustrating hence the drum recolor from the Sims 2 forum) but I'm definitely going to finish them. Making them seasons compatible is a PITA though and that's the hold up -- I'm not happy with the different states for them. I'll finish the Sims Stories ones too. I'm not even sure what I needed or wanted to do with them at this point -- maybe test to be sure they worked with Seasons? Dunno, but thanks for commenting so I could blather away!

#4 15-09-2012
Lovely. Smile


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