Alien and Medieval Mod?
#1 15-09-2012 
Okay, so I've been part of a medieval game lately with a friend. (aside from my scifi) I was reading the thread on "alien abductions" here, and about how you were talking about "changelings".

I have this mod, by Monique, Creat Baby With X

It's a global mod that effects all cribs. You click on it, and a menu pops up "create baby with x", and you choose a sim father. A baby then appears in the crib... and you get your wants satisfied...

I was wondering if you could make a mod where you could spawn an alien baby in the crib, a clone of the PT.

Now, if that's possible, my friend thinks it would be cool, if the babies just had a chance of just appearing in an empty crib if you had one. Like 5 out of every 100. But, I don't know if that's possible or any of it.

But, we would really like this mod.

~pickles & 99kotie

#2 15-09-2012 
I don't have to do this, because something like that already exists. TwoJeffs' SimBlender (available at Simbology) has the option "Make me pregnant with Aliens". The baby will not appear in the crib, but the sim will actually be pregnant. After that, give the sim a minute, and then you can speed up the pregnancy, so the baby will be born in no time.


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