• Sims 3 Supernatural: zombi, frogs, witches
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Today I tried the new expansion, I like enough it. I turned a sim into a frog, sim zombies ate my plants (Sad ) and I experienced spells on other sim with the sim witch Big Grin

#2 15-09-2012
vegetarian zombies? Pescado will fix that for sure Big Grin

#3 15-09-2012
I didn't get that at all until I saw LGR's review -- it's a nod towards Plants vs. Zombies and there's a little peashooter too that will cure them if you shoot them enough. lol I thought it was a cute idea but you're probably right about Pescado. Big Grin

Thanks for sharing your video. Smile

#4 15-09-2012
Thank you, a question about registration videos. How can I increase the width of the video recording directly from the game? Thanks

#5 16-09-2012
I think you have to increase the size of the video capture from the user options in Sims3.

WARNING: the bigger the capture the slower the video will run, unless you have a top end PC.

#6 16-09-2012
In user options - capture video I have set "big" size for videos..maybe I should edit something in other files of sims 3?

#7 16-09-2012
yes, there is an option to change the user config of the video files.

If you want, you can also manually change the size at which your footage is recorded. For this, you need to go to:

Computer>Local Disk>Program files>Electronic Arts>The Sims 3>Game>Bin>Sims3

If you have a stuff pack or expansion pack installed, you need to alter this file in the directory of the newest game instead. If you have the Sims 3 + World Adventures, for example, instead of going to the 'The Sims 3' directory you go to the 'The Sims 3 World Adventures' directory. If you have the basegame + WA + Supernatural, you need to go to the 'The Sims 3 Supernatural' directory.

This ini file (Sims3, which you can open with Notepad, for example) contains the recording properties, which are on top of the list.

Let's assume you want to increase the recording size, so you'd get HD images on youtube. For this you'll edit the numbers behind ''Large'' to 1280x720. When done, you simply save the file.

Make sure that you have the recording size in-game set to large, or whatever value you edited the numbers for (And also keep in mind that increasing these values will make filming more demanding on your computer).

It doesn't matter what resolution your game is set to, because the recorded footage will automatically be converted to the assigned resolution.

#8 16-09-2012
Awesome vid. From what I've gathered on the Sims 3 forum (I lurk sometimes) the Zombies are a real problem for players right now. Leave it up to the modders to fix something that shouldn't have been a problem to begin with lol.


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