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Nothing fancy, just a couple of floors I made to match (and then forgot about, lol) some terrain paint by Kativip that Lee asked about. In the screenshots you can see that the game lighting affects the flooring and not the terrain paint. This means that the flooring might look slightly different color-wise than the terrain paint depending on where it's placed and what time of day it is in your game. (Maybe the seasons affect it too?) I've used this flooring on other lots and it does match pretty well.

[Image: thumb640x480]

In the "main" screenshot my floors are in the fenced in area under the porch and Kativip's terrain surrounds it all to show how well they do- or don't- match up. The smaller was just an experiment and snuck it's way into the .rar. Smile

Both can be found in Build>Floors>Poured and cost 2 simoleons.

The terrain paint can be found in Kativip's CHBL lot - there is more than 1 with the name Ground Mix 1. Just use Clean Installer and it's preview, it's in there. Alternatively- BOX OR MediaFire
x 9

Recolor, edit, include meshes with recolors and/or lots.
Just don't claim my work as your own and keep it FREE!
No paysites please!

Ground Mix Flooring Screenshot Ground Mix Flooring Screenshot          
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#9 17-09-2012
Let me figure out which one it is.. with the ever-so-helpful name of "terrain", it shouldn't be too hard. *smells sarcasm* (And is probably oozing it too, heehee)

#10 17-09-2012
* leefish whimpers pathetically.

I fail at clean installer. I admit I am useless. Why do you think I have to build all my own lots...??????????

#11 17-09-2012
Awwwwww. NO, no, no. The sarcasm wasn't aimed at any fish! It was all about the fabulous naming system HomeCrafter uses..

#12 18-09-2012
thank you MLC. I appreciate it - it is a lovely floor.


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