Help Wanted: Creating A Challenge
#1 18-09-2012 
Here's a very rough draft of what I had in mind:

"The A to Z Creators Challenge: For each letter of the alphabet you need to share a creation--you get to decide which uploads count for which letters. For example, I could fill in D - for Drums @MTS or M for Monkees and S - for Shrubs @leefish or maybe C for Castaway--so it's really flexible and might be fun trying to come up with something for the hard letters.

It would run from Sept. 2012 - Sept. 2013 (so anything you uploaded a few weeks ago can still count towards the contest) and everyone can participate since there's no need for judges. It could be a yearly contest for leefish where everyone competes for places (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.) or it can be just a challenge you complete so if someone finishes really early there's still a reason to play."

I had an idea for a contest but I'm terrible at formatting and pictures and all that so I was wondering two things. First, would anyone be interested in participating in a challenge like this beside me? And second, if there was interest, can we collaborate to flesh out the details/rules and come up with a post & a graphic that wouldn't be an embarrassment to Leefish? We'd have to look at it all year after all.

Honesty is good. It won't hurt my feelings if no one is interested -- it'd be much worse if we pulled a contest together and made it all official and no one played. Sad

#2 18-09-2012 
mmm, I like challenges Smile As long as it includes lots then I'd be up for it.
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#3 18-09-2012 
Yup, lots definitely. Heart Anything that we can upload and share.

#4 18-09-2012 
I like the idea - it would be neat for it to cover all areas though, so none creators (I don't think we have any none creators, but anyway, those we have) could count a find or a picture as well as uploads. Challenges also would count Big Grin
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#5 19-09-2012 
Oh, that's a great idea--the more people who can potentially participate the better. I don't want to be doing this alone. Big Grin

Here's another question. I think every single person here posts in multiple places so when I was thinking about this I just automatically thought to include content from all sources BUT it is a Leefish challenge afterall (or might be). So should it be restricted to just things posted here? Or would that turn people off who might have otherwise joined? You have to figure at the end of the contest it's just going to be one big self-promo link fest anyway so that might be an incentive for people to participate in the first place... dunno.

#6 19-09-2012 
I'd be up for that. Smile
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#7 24-09-2012 
I'll participate Smile
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#8 26-09-2012 
The last I heard there was a certain lamb who might have decided to take pity on me and my feeble attempt to start a contest so stay tuned! Celebrate

#9 26-09-2012 
BEHOLD, the most beautiful banner you've ever seen. Confused



#10 26-09-2012 
I LOVE it! Aluminum foil hat and zebra sweater indeed -- so clever!

Oh, and the Leefish and Challenge being used too... I think it's spendid! I really do.


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